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What’s this blog all about?

What’s this blog all about?

Salena BacaWhy a blog?: I’m an artist at heart, and my passion lies in all things crochet; the yarn, patterns, designers and garments. I’ve been told that a blog is one of the best ways an artist like me can connect and interact with fans and followers. Ultimately, I would like to share my interests here, to include reviews of all my passions and networking opportunities.

What can you find here?: I’m in the process of providing listings and reviews of all things that interest me in the crochet world: books, patterns, techniques, lessons, designers, garments and even my own tutorials! This is a new forum, and I will be adding valuable material of this sort as it’s available – keep checking back for updates!

Why follow me?: I’ve crocheted my entire life. This is a true passion for me, and I enjoy not only networking with other designers in my field, but forming bonds with those that share my same passion. I’ve been published in a few major magazines (Crochet Today!, Stitch Craft Create, Inspired Crochet, Model Life Magazine), and have an array of self-published designs available too!  Ultimately, I strive to be an innovative, original figure in the crochet world, or, at the very least, play with yarn, make cool stuff, and meet great people.

So, after lots of time and research in the blog world, here ya go!  I hope you enjoy following me!




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