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Are you a vendor? I’m collecting market researach!

I’m conducting some market research for a friend of mine, and would like the opinion of at least 10 vendors (vendors of any kind!). Please complete the following if you are interested in helping out and answering a few questions honestly. Thank you!


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  1. I personally work on a swap basis with a photographer. She takes pics of items, and for every 4 she gets to keep one or order one thing for free. (She set up the terms, and I am fine with them) I also do take some of my photographs myself. At this point in my business I do not have enough income to pay out of pocket for pictures. I work with other mom’s who have small businesses mostly. SO! MY photos I take could be better, but hers are usually wonderful. I don’t make many baby items, so her kind of photography works for me. A “Perfect shot”… I would pay 20 for 3 or 4 images of my item if I KNEW they were going to be amazing, and I knew I was going to get my item back. Pro digital for 5 items…. It is not something I would ever do, but if I had the money I would not spend more than 25 at a time. I am trying to be very honest. I am VERY frugal, which I’m sure you can tell! 🙂


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