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Thanks KDP! You rock the shot!

Thanks KDP! You rock the shot!

I first met Kimberly Dierkhising in England about 2 years ago when she bought a cat and dog hat for her kids, and a few cowls for herself. We didn’t spend a lot of time together then, because just a few months after we met she moved to America. That hasn’t stopped us from keeping in touch though! While I usually am quite friendly and chatty with my customers, Kimberly and I really hit it off; she’s one of the few people I can have a two hour phone conversation with, and we have been great ‘pen pals’ since she moved!

A common bond we have is that we’re die-hard fans of each others craft – she’s been a faithful admirer of my crochet work, and I have a true love for her photography skill! Together, we have designed some of my favorite work; it’s been her feedback and style that have helped me make these fine garments: Bow Headband, Cat Hat, Caterpillar Prop Set, Cloche, Bobble Cowl, Twisted Chunky Cowl, Lofty Cowl, Mesh & Chunky Cowl,  Cluster Newsboy, Favorite Newsboy, Frog Princess,  Flower Headband, and Skunk Hat (to name a few that are favorites in my shop!).

Kimberly has been one of my best customers, and every single product image she sends me just gets better! Her work always amazes me, and I absolutely love her ability to capture a moment, that just happens to have one of my crochet goods in it. Thanks Kimberly!

Now, for the fun part! Pin(terest) any one of these images from this blog post with one of the following captions:

“I want to win 3 Baca Creations Crochet Patterns” – OR –  “I want to win $15 Baca Creations Store Credit”

I’ll randomly choose one pinner to receive 3 Baca Creations Crochet patterns, and one to receive a $15 store credit to on 18 January, 2013! Ready, Set, PIN!

Also, the next 2 people that book a paid session with Kimberly will receive a $25 Baca Creations store credit! As soon as your session is funded, I will send you the coupon. Enjoy!


Update (1/19/2013, 8:16 AM MST)

Thanks to everyone who participated in my pinterest giveaway! Based on the pins and comments that were made, the randomly selected winners are:

Aimee Reed – 3 Baca Creations PDF Crochet Patterns

Nobody Entered!!! – $15 Baca Creations Store Credit 

To claim your prize, you must e-mail me within the following 48 hours:

Ruffled Shell Cowl KDP6Unise(X) KDP3  Sweet N Sour Cowl (1)1Eden Bobble Cowl (11)Apple KDP

Bow Headband KDP1 FarrahKnit Look Pixie KDPIMG_9414 copy edited PRINT 9x13Button Up! Cowl KDP2Ribbed Headband Adult 2
Ribbed Headband KDP7
Cluster Newsboy (1) Newsboy & Tie KDPVisor KDPKatherine Square KDPNewsboy KSD2Sun Hat FarrahHeadband KSD5Katherine Slouch KDP20 (377) Cloche KDPUnise(X) KDP4


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  1. These projects are awesome, congratulations and thank you for share these with us.


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