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Designer Spotlight: Mamachee * Crochet makes me happy!

Designer Spotlight: Mamachee * Crochet makes me happy!


Meet Tara Murray! She is the owner / designer at Mamachee Crochet Makes Me Happy, and I don’t think there is a single crochet lover in the world who doesn’t know her work – Honestly! I first began following Tara a few years ago when I came across her Birdy Rattle, and have been a faithful admirer ever since.

In fact, she is so inspirational that I own quite a few of her patterns, and owe a bit of my success as a Made-To-Order artist to her designs: Lael Viking Helmet, Top Hat, Elise Hat, and Maggie Newsboy. I’m certainly not alone in the admiration, as this lady has had nearly 30,000 etsy sales since her shop opened in 2008 (no, that does not include her ravelry, craftsy, and webstore)!

Not only are her designs unique and inspiring, she is a lovely person to keep up with on facebook. Therefore, I’m thrilled to know the lady behind Mamachee, and to share a little Q&A with her. Read, love, enjoy!

Salena Baca (SB): Define success; what do you hope to accomplish?

Tara Murray (TM): Success to me is not about things, social position or how well my crochet patterns are selling. Success is about inner contentment and peace mixed with a will to accomplish and be/do better. I hope to always be able to handle whatever lessons life throws at me without letting it get me down and always come out stronger…and I want to come out with a crochet book sooooooo bad!

SB: Other than your own designs, do you have a favorite pattern?

TM: The first pattern I ever purchased off of etsy was back in 2008 and I still love the pattern. It’s a little pair of booties by sylver called the double strap baby booties.

SB: What color combinations do you currently love?

TM: Oh, right now I am really loving light Gray with pops a bright color. I love a light Gray, dark Gray and pretty Pink combo.

SB: Do you follow blogs? What are your favorites?

TM: I love reading blogs and wish I had more time to maybe add a few more to my read list. Blogs are such an inspiration! Here are a few of my favorites: 

SB: Do you have a design board for inspiration?

TM: Yes, I do 🙂 I love tacking stuff to my little board. My kids have recently discovered a love for my design board too. It is constantly rearranged and sometimes…things go missing.


Mamachee Spotlight

If you are a brand new fan to Mamachee you can check out some of her FREE pattern work, right here: Samantha Hat, Monkey Hat, Mustache. If you are a fan and would like to root for Mamachee in DWII, get your Team Badge and be sure to enter for your chance at our Red Heart Yarns prize pack (valued at $150)!

Got your own questions for Tara / Mamachee? Post it in a comment below and she may answer you!


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  1. I was hoping you would answer a question you’ve probably answered a million times: “Where did the name ‘Mamachee’ come from?”

  2. Hey Amy! I have German heritage and my mom listened to German music a lot when I was young. My favorite song was Mamatschi by Heinje. I don’t understand or speak German but my mom and Oma said that Mamatschi means Mom. Thus, the name was born. I decided to spell is Mamachee because I thought it would be easier for people to remember. If you want to listen to the song, I found it on you tube:

  3. Do you have a database of sorts, that tracks which customers buy which patterns? Because, my list is so long, I don’t know what patterns I don’t have yet… LOL Seriously. Is there a 12-step program for Tara Murray?

  4. Hi Tara! Thanks for sharing the link to the “Mamatschi” song. I’d never heard it before and studied German throughout high school and in university. I am also of German heritage, on my father’s side. The language was one of my greatest passions (other than crochet), until I married a Dutch-speaking man and decided to give up my German because the languages are too similar! I’d like to read the lyrics for the song you linked to. All I caught was “Mommy, gift me a pony” – “Mamatschi, schenk mir ein Pferdchen.” 🙂

  5. Hi Tara! Just wondering how long it takes you to design/create/write/test a pattern?


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