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Designer Spotlight: Holland Designs

Designer Spotlight: Holland Designs

Lisa1Meet Lisa van Klaveren! She is the owner / designer at Holland Designs; a profoundly accomplished line of crochet work that is romantic, elegant and sweet! 

Years ago I purchased Beautiful Baby Shoes! and thought the pamphlet was a clever compilation of designs, so I sought out the artist on all the regular forums (etsy, ravelry, .com, facebook…), and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had already been a fan of Lisa’s work!

A few of my personal Holland Designs favorites are the Flower Petal Newsy Hat, Square Mock Cable Hat, Gracie Hat, Raspberry Quilt, and absolutely the Shortie Sweater! With over 300 designs, you are sure to find a few favorites too!

Lisa is a lovely lady, and I’m quite certain you will be as enchanted as I am with her after reading this short Q&A – Enjoy!

Salena Baca (SB): Do you have a design board for inspiration?

Lisa van Klaveren (LvK): I keep a folder on my desktop with design ideas in them. If I’m online and see a photo of something which inspires me, I pop it into my folder. It’s like my own private Pinterest for my design ideas. If I’m quite serious about making something, I often print the photo off and pin it to my little design board on the wall by my desk. 


 SB: Other than the DWII garment, what are you working on?

LvK: I am currently finishing work on the ladies version of my Girl’s Classic Cardigan pattern. I began work on it quite a while ago, but some recent prodding has inspired me to pick it up again and finish it! I also need to design some baby legwarmers and make a few other pattern samples for an alpaca yarn company I am doing some work for.

SB: Do you wear your own crochet goods? Which pieces?

LvK: Yes, I wear my own designs! I wore my slouch boots all last winter and wear a scarf I designed. I also wore a crocheted top for my wedding which was my own modification of someone else’s design. My 3 daughters wear the hats and cardigans I make for them all the time and I enjoy all the compliments they get when we’re out. I often just say “thank you” and don’t even mention that I made them or designed them. It’s nicer to just appreciate the comment!


 SB: Which would win a street fight? A sheep or an alpaca?

LvK: I felt I should answer this question since I live in New Zealand – the favorite home of sheep!  From my “expert” personal experience, I’ve never seen a sheep being aggressive. They always look so peaceful and serene as you spot them on the rolling green hills of the New Zealand countryside. I know alpaca’s are much loved and their wool is luxuriously soft and expensive. I’m pretty sure they aren’t violent animals either, though I’ve never met one face-to-face. My best guess is that, in a street fight, the sheep would win because all the other sheep would follow him and join in the fight – this I call the “strength in numbers” theory! 🙂

SB: If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?

LvK: I don’t know of any one specific person I’d like to meet, but I would love to meet many people from the world of crochet! I’d love to get to know those who work with major craft magazines or book publishers. I just imagine their lives must be interesting and wonder what a typcial career in the craft world would be like. If I wasn’t a designer and stay-at-home mom, I might consider applying for a job with one of these major craft or yarn companies and working on some collaborative projects.

Holland Designs SpotlightIf you are a brand new fan to Holland Designs you can check out some of her FREE pattern work, right here: Sole Lovely Mary Janes, Cou-de-pied and Little Flowers Applique. If you are a fan and would like to root for Holland Designs in DWII, get your Team Badge and be sure to enter for your chance at our Red Heart Yarns prize pack (valued at $150)!

Got your own questions for Lisa / Holland Designs? Post it in a comment below and she may answer you!


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  1. I just love her patterns…..My vote is for you!

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