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Designer Spotlight: One and Two Company

Designer Spotlight: One and Two Company

Carolina1Meet Carolina Guzman! She is the owner / designer at One and Two Company, and is most famous for her darling, modern, fun applique work!

Her designs are inspirational and expressive; not only for crochet lovers, but for those who appreciate intricate needle art and want  to embellish their goods – from clothes  to home decor!

Some of my favorite One & Two Company designs are  the Whale, Rocket, Reindeer, Penguin, and Teddy Bear (I actually have about 25 favorites, but thought it practical to only post 5!). You can find your favorites by checking out her work on etsy, ravelry, .com, and facebook!

Carolina is the “whole package”, and is quite refreshing to follow – from her designs, colors, pictures and forums – you don’t have to crochet to be inspired by her work! She was quite kind to join our Design Wars challenge, and I hope you enjoy getting to know this fantastic lady as much as I have: 

Salena Baca (SB): Define success; What do you hope to accomplish?

Carolina Guzman (CG): For me success is to work on what I like, what makes me happy and to see that my daughter loves my designs. I would like to continue working in the world of crochet for many years, sharing my creativity with people who enjoy my patterns worldwide. 

SB: What are the best words of wisdom you can provide to hopeful designers?

CG: I think the most important thing is to work, work hard, and always follow your dream. I do it every day and although it is a difficult road, it is gratifying to see the great response from people who like my work.


SB: What is your most recent accomplishment?

CG: I think my biggest accomplishment is that my creations make many people happy and of course, that I have been invited to participate in this great “Design War” with fantastic designers!


SB: Other than the DWII garment, what are you working on?

CG: I’m currently preparing for the new year. I’m developing new and original ideas, which are simple to make but also new and creative. I have many projects in mind that I hope to be published during 2013.


SB: Which of your designs do you feel best represent you as an artist?

CG: First I don’t consider myself as an artist. I think I still have much to learn. About the design that best represents me as a designer, I think it would be my hippos, my pillow and my applique; they are simple but very cool. 

Carolina5 Carolina4 Carolina3


One & Two Spotlight

If you are a brand new fan to One and Two Company you can check out some of her FREE pattern work! If you are a fan and would like to root for One and Two Company in DWII, get your Team Badge and be sure to enter for your chance at our Red Heart Yarns prize Pack (valued at $150)!

Got your own questions for Carolina / One and Two Company? Post it in a comment below and she may answer you!


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