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Designer Spotlight – Frayed Knot

Designer Spotlight – Frayed Knot


Meet Jonna Ventura! She is the owner / designer at Frayed Knot, and her designs have a lot of people talking! She’s relatively new to the crochet block (first pattern released in 2012), but her work shows a level of knowledge that even seasoned shop owners strive for!

Her most recent success has been on the Craftsy top 20 list since it was released – MONTHS AGO!!! –  and has definitely earned it’s name: The Perfect Cowl!  Among other garments, Jonna has an array of hats that are quite intricate, and very uncommon; you wont’ find cookie-cut designs in her shops (etsy, ravelry, craftsy), but I’m quite sure you will find a lot of favorites! One of my personal favorites? The Ninja Cup Cozy!

Jonna joins us in round II of Design Wars with an easy spirit and fun personality, and has helped to make our challenge a bonding experience. See what this firecracker has to say, and be sure to keep up with her on facebook too!

Salena Baca (SB): If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?

Jonna Ventura (JV): There are so many BUT if I can only choose one person it would have to be Charissa from Mad Mad Me. 1. Because I can appreciate a good sarcastic sense of humor and…. 2. Because she was instrumental in helping me get my start. She promoted my business and built up my confidence right from the get go! I love you Charissa!! One day my friend 🙂

SB: What is your most recent accomplishment?

JV: Number one achievement thus far…Being apart of Design Wars of course!! When i started Frayed Knot I had no idea where it was heading and what exactly the potential could be. I’m beyond blessed and surprised! I’ll keep riding the roller coaster and meeting amazing new artists for as long as I can.

SB: What color combinations do you currently love?

JV: Right now I’m diggin’ teal, mustard, & grey….coral, navy, & cream….coral, teal, & cream…mustard & plum…  Ok I guess I could go on and on…

SB: Do you wear your own crochet goods? Which pieces? 

JV: Oh yeah! I usually wear all my “rejects”, only I know where the mistakes are 🙂 But when I really want to make something for myself and don’t have time to come up with my own design, I often search some of my fave designers and go pattern shopping!

SB: Which of your designs do you feel best represent you as an artist?

JV: Designing is an outlet for me. Sometimes I start with the yarn and see what comes from it. Other times I have a certain person/style in mind. For me, I lean hippie. If I could grow my hair to my butt and wear flower halter tops I would! Unfortunately neither of those things are in my future. So I will have to stick with my fingerless gloves and slouchy hats.

Jonna5 Jonna6

Frayed Knot Spotlight

If you are a brand new fan to Frayed Knot you can check out some of her FREE pattern work: Josiah Booties, Sock Monkey Cup Cozy! If you are a fan and would like to root for Frayed Knot in DWII, get your Team Badge and be sure to enter for your chance at our Red Heart Yarns prize pack (valued at $150)!

Got your own questions for Jonna / Frayed Knot? Post it in a comment below and she may answer you!


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