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Important Note: Pattern Value

Important Note: Pattern Value

After much thought and consideration I’ve concluded that the retail price of some of my patterns are not reflective of their value. On average I put between 20 – 50 hours of work into a pattern design; that begins with the initial concept, and continues until the final edit is published!

For example, my free (Da Bomb!) Shell Scarf began as a special order request from a friend, and here is how it came together:

1 hour: sketched out a design

2 hours: researched the stitch and garment construction

1 hour: made a few pattern swatches of the sketch for gauge

8 hours: personally tested each one of the three sizes the pattern instructs

1 hour: took photos of my garments and edited them

4 hours: constructed the file layout of the design and wrote the patterns

3 hours: called for pattern testers, interacted with them, modified my design

2 hours: marketed the design on various forums

1 hour: posted the pattern for FREE on all of my pattern forums.

That’s an estimated 23 hours toward this one pattern that I then offered for free – Why? To show that my patterns are quality, modern, original, easy to comprehend and follow, and valuable!

Valuable? Yes! Back to my conclusion…

I feel that my current retail price of $3.00 per pattern is not a proper representation of my value. Therefore, I have decided to create three price categories: Free, $3.00, $5.00.

While some of my more complex and unique styles (Swirl Shell Snail or Goods For Gals eBook) may be adjusted to reflect their value, quite a few of my styles will remain more modestly priced in the $3.00 category. So, as I release new pattern styles, and renovate my current ones to my modern new format, I will be categorizing them according to their complexity, uniqueness, and ease.

A lot of time, skill, research, time, resources, and time goes into every one of my pattern designs, so I thank you for your continued interest and support in Baca Creations Crochet! If you are a brand new fan, I encourage you to try all of my free pattern designs to see for yourself!

Thank you – peace, love, light, happiness!!!



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  1. It’s about time you bump up the prices! ❤ Your talent is worth EVERY cent!

  2. You do beautiful work and you should increase the price. I’m quite confident that those who have purchased from you will continue to pay for quality work. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  3. I’ve always thought you’re prices were pretty low for how much work I imagined it takes. I will gladly pay more for the quality work you produce.

  4. Thank you for your efforts – I just downloaded your Shell Scarf pattern, and it looks incredible! Thanks for offering this pattern, I will definitely be looking into your other patterns as well.

  5. GREAT! continue with your effort. I love this shell Scarf pattern. Thanks for share.


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