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Design Wars II: Sneak Peek Week (Hint #2!!!)

Design Wars II: Sneak Peek Week (Hint #2!!!)

The wait is nearly over – in just under a weeks time we will be revealing our Design Wars II garments for your vote! That’s right, mark your calendars and stalk your favorite designer for updates because February 21, 2013 will be our final reveal for this round, and your vote will determine who used the yarn best!

These hints today are meant to confuse you –  we don’t really WANT to reveal what we’ve been up to, however, we do want you to have a vague idea so you can play along in our fan page challenge. After this blog post is released, our DWII challengers will be sharing and pinning it to the tops of their respective fan pages, and they want YOU to place your guess there. So, if you think you know what your favorite designer has made for DWII, click on over to their fan page to let them know! Every fan who participates in the designated area will be eligible for a chance to win a special prize from that designer (prize details will be available directly from your favorite designer…).

Finally, this is the last week you will be able to participate for your chance to win our Red Heart Yarns $150 prize pack! Be sure to enter before the deadline – it’s a prize you won’t want to pass up!

2 Jonna2 Theresa

2 Tara
2 Lisa 2 Katie 2 Danyel2 Carolina

2 Baca


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  1. I voted and down loaded the label, is that all I need to do to enter to win the prize? This is my first time.


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