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New Pattern Giveaway! | The Paisley Capelet (Adult)

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New Pattern Giveaway! | The Paisley Capelet (Adult)

I’m thrilled to announce that there was a ton of interest in making my Paisley Capelet (6M – 8y) in additional sizes for adults, so I’ve been working with pattern testers to make that happen! While it was initially released a few years ago in sizes 6-12m, 2-3T, 3-4T, 4-5T, and 5-8Y, I’m releasing a brand new Adult pattern pack in sizes 8-12Y, X Small Adult, Small Adult, Medium Adult, Large Adult, and X Large Adult!

To spark interest in the release of these new sizes, I ran a giveaway on my fan page that ended earlier this morning. Winners have 24 hours from now (18 June, 2013, 4:45 PM MST) to contact me to claim their prize, or this offer is totally void. If you are named above, please e-mail me:

1 Baca Creations Crochet Pattern |  Justyna Kopac

2 Baca Creations Crochet Patterns | Llyn McClure

3 Baca Creations Crochet Patterns | Laura Crowder

Not a winner? You can get this pattern in any of my shops, on SALE for a limited time too!


photo (2)

photo (1)


PIN it to WIN it: My All Seasons Hat Pattern!

PIN it to WIN it: My All Seasons Hat Pattern!

 Blog Banner Photo Giveaway 1

Please help me to circulate the release of this exciting pattern!

To enter, simply pin this image with the caption:

 “I Want to win this pattern!”

Entries of this nature will be accepted until 13 February, 2013, and a winner will be randomly selected via this link to assure the pin is sourced from this blog entry. Winner will be notified by way of 1) a comment on their pin, 2) a follow up on this blog post, and 3) a notification on my facebook fan page, and will be given 48 hours to respond and claim their prize!

You are entering to win a Baca Creations (Crochet By Salena Baca) original PDF crochet pattern; retail value $5.00. No substitutions or cash value. Good luck!

And the winner is….

Rosanne Van Hoose! 

To claim your All Seasons PDF Crochet Pattern, please send me an e-mail within

the following 48 hours:

(Updated 14 February, 2013 @ 8:50 AM MST).


Important Note: Pattern Value

Important Note: Pattern Value

After much thought and consideration I’ve concluded that the retail price of some of my patterns are not reflective of their value. On average I put between 20 – 50 hours of work into a pattern design; that begins with the initial concept, and continues until the final edit is published!

For example, my free (Da Bomb!) Shell Scarf began as a special order request from a friend, and here is how it came together:

1 hour: sketched out a design

2 hours: researched the stitch and garment construction

1 hour: made a few pattern swatches of the sketch for gauge

8 hours: personally tested each one of the three sizes the pattern instructs

1 hour: took photos of my garments and edited them

4 hours: constructed the file layout of the design and wrote the patterns

3 hours: called for pattern testers, interacted with them, modified my design

2 hours: marketed the design on various forums

1 hour: posted the pattern for FREE on all of my pattern forums.

That’s an estimated 23 hours toward this one pattern that I then offered for free – Why? To show that my patterns are quality, modern, original, easy to comprehend and follow, and valuable!

Valuable? Yes! Back to my conclusion…

I feel that my current retail price of $3.00 per pattern is not a proper representation of my value. Therefore, I have decided to create three price categories: Free, $3.00, $5.00.

While some of my more complex and unique styles (Swirl Shell Snail or Goods For Gals eBook) may be adjusted to reflect their value, quite a few of my styles will remain more modestly priced in the $3.00 category. So, as I release new pattern styles, and renovate my current ones to my modern new format, I will be categorizing them according to their complexity, uniqueness, and ease.

A lot of time, skill, research, time, resources, and time goes into every one of my pattern designs, so I thank you for your continued interest and support in Baca Creations Crochet! If you are a brand new fan, I encourage you to try all of my free pattern designs to see for yourself!

Thank you – peace, love, light, happiness!!!


Designer Spotlight: Holland Designs

Designer Spotlight: Holland Designs

Lisa1Meet Lisa van Klaveren! She is the owner / designer at Holland Designs; a profoundly accomplished line of crochet work that is romantic, elegant and sweet! 

Years ago I purchased Beautiful Baby Shoes! and thought the pamphlet was a clever compilation of designs, so I sought out the artist on all the regular forums (etsy, ravelry, .com, facebook…), and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had already been a fan of Lisa’s work!

A few of my personal Holland Designs favorites are the Flower Petal Newsy Hat, Square Mock Cable Hat, Gracie Hat, Raspberry Quilt, and absolutely the Shortie Sweater! With over 300 designs, you are sure to find a few favorites too!

Lisa is a lovely lady, and I’m quite certain you will be as enchanted as I am with her after reading this short Q&A – Enjoy!

Salena Baca (SB): Do you have a design board for inspiration?

Lisa van Klaveren (LvK): I keep a folder on my desktop with design ideas in them. If I’m online and see a photo of something which inspires me, I pop it into my folder. It’s like my own private Pinterest for my design ideas. If I’m quite serious about making something, I often print the photo off and pin it to my little design board on the wall by my desk. 


 SB: Other than the DWII garment, what are you working on?

LvK: I am currently finishing work on the ladies version of my Girl’s Classic Cardigan pattern. I began work on it quite a while ago, but some recent prodding has inspired me to pick it up again and finish it! I also need to design some baby legwarmers and make a few other pattern samples for an alpaca yarn company I am doing some work for.

SB: Do you wear your own crochet goods? Which pieces?

LvK: Yes, I wear my own designs! I wore my slouch boots all last winter and wear a scarf I designed. I also wore a crocheted top for my wedding which was my own modification of someone else’s design. My 3 daughters wear the hats and cardigans I make for them all the time and I enjoy all the compliments they get when we’re out. I often just say “thank you” and don’t even mention that I made them or designed them. It’s nicer to just appreciate the comment!


 SB: Which would win a street fight? A sheep or an alpaca?

LvK: I felt I should answer this question since I live in New Zealand – the favorite home of sheep!  From my “expert” personal experience, I’ve never seen a sheep being aggressive. They always look so peaceful and serene as you spot them on the rolling green hills of the New Zealand countryside. I know alpaca’s are much loved and their wool is luxuriously soft and expensive. I’m pretty sure they aren’t violent animals either, though I’ve never met one face-to-face. My best guess is that, in a street fight, the sheep would win because all the other sheep would follow him and join in the fight – this I call the “strength in numbers” theory! 🙂

SB: If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?

LvK: I don’t know of any one specific person I’d like to meet, but I would love to meet many people from the world of crochet! I’d love to get to know those who work with major craft magazines or book publishers. I just imagine their lives must be interesting and wonder what a typcial career in the craft world would be like. If I wasn’t a designer and stay-at-home mom, I might consider applying for a job with one of these major craft or yarn companies and working on some collaborative projects.

Holland Designs SpotlightIf you are a brand new fan to Holland Designs you can check out some of her FREE pattern work, right here: Sole Lovely Mary Janes, Cou-de-pied and Little Flowers Applique. If you are a fan and would like to root for Holland Designs in DWII, get your Team Badge and be sure to enter for your chance at our Red Heart Yarns prize pack (valued at $150)!

Got your own questions for Lisa / Holland Designs? Post it in a comment below and she may answer you!

Thanks KDP! You rock the shot!

Thanks KDP! You rock the shot!

I first met Kimberly Dierkhising in England about 2 years ago when she bought a cat and dog hat for her kids, and a few cowls for herself. We didn’t spend a lot of time together then, because just a few months after we met she moved to America. That hasn’t stopped us from keeping in touch though! While I usually am quite friendly and chatty with my customers, Kimberly and I really hit it off; she’s one of the few people I can have a two hour phone conversation with, and we have been great ‘pen pals’ since she moved!

A common bond we have is that we’re die-hard fans of each others craft – she’s been a faithful admirer of my crochet work, and I have a true love for her photography skill! Together, we have designed some of my favorite work; it’s been her feedback and style that have helped me make these fine garments: Bow Headband, Cat Hat, Caterpillar Prop Set, Cloche, Bobble Cowl, Twisted Chunky Cowl, Lofty Cowl, Mesh & Chunky Cowl,  Cluster Newsboy, Favorite Newsboy, Frog Princess,  Flower Headband, and Skunk Hat (to name a few that are favorites in my shop!).

Kimberly has been one of my best customers, and every single product image she sends me just gets better! Her work always amazes me, and I absolutely love her ability to capture a moment, that just happens to have one of my crochet goods in it. Thanks Kimberly!

Now, for the fun part! Pin(terest) any one of these images from this blog post with one of the following captions:

“I want to win 3 Baca Creations Crochet Patterns” – OR –  “I want to win $15 Baca Creations Store Credit”

I’ll randomly choose one pinner to receive 3 Baca Creations Crochet patterns, and one to receive a $15 store credit to on 18 January, 2013! Ready, Set, PIN!

Also, the next 2 people that book a paid session with Kimberly will receive a $25 Baca Creations store credit! As soon as your session is funded, I will send you the coupon. Enjoy!


Update (1/19/2013, 8:16 AM MST)

Thanks to everyone who participated in my pinterest giveaway! Based on the pins and comments that were made, the randomly selected winners are:

Aimee Reed – 3 Baca Creations PDF Crochet Patterns

Nobody Entered!!! – $15 Baca Creations Store Credit 

To claim your prize, you must e-mail me within the following 48 hours:

Ruffled Shell Cowl KDP6Unise(X) KDP3  Sweet N Sour Cowl (1)1Eden Bobble Cowl (11)Apple KDP

Bow Headband KDP1 FarrahKnit Look Pixie KDPIMG_9414 copy edited PRINT 9x13Button Up! Cowl KDP2Ribbed Headband Adult 2
Ribbed Headband KDP7
Cluster Newsboy (1) Newsboy & Tie KDPVisor KDPKatherine Square KDPNewsboy KSD2Sun Hat FarrahHeadband KSD5Katherine Slouch KDP20 (377) Cloche KDPUnise(X) KDP4

Design Wars II: Schedule and GIVEAWAY!!!

Design Wars II: Schedule and GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE: 25 February, 2013 @ 6:55 AM MST

Congratulations to Amanda Gregory Rog! You were randomly selected as the winner of our Red Heart Yarns Prize Pack! Please contact me within the following 36 hours for details to claim your prize:

Thanks to everyone for participating, I hope you enjoyed following this challenge and I hope you continue to follow and enjoy our progress!

Your wait is over – Design Wars II is now underway and will begin on 24 January, 2013, with a new and exciting line up of participants, spotlights, hints, and prizes! I’ll be blog posting as each line-up nears, so keep checking here for updates!

DWII Schedule

We are proud to announce that Red Heart Yarns has agreed to sponsor this segment! They have been amazingly supportive, supplied yarn for our DWII challenge garments (Red Heart With Wool), and will be donating a prize pack valued at $150 to one of our faithful followers!


DWII Prize Pack

How can you support Design Wars II and enter to win this fantastic Red Heart Yarns prize pack? To be considered you MUST:

1) Download a Team Badge for the designer you are rooting for (provided below), and load it as your facebook profile picture; You must keep this team badge for the entire duration of DWII, and a few extra days afterward while we choose a winner (until 26 February, 2013).

2) Share this blog post on facebook! I’ve got an array of fancy sharing buttons at the bottom of this post, and facebook is one of them! When you share, be sure to tag your favorite designer to let them know you’re rooting for them and support their work!

3) Comment on this blog post to let us know that you have successfully completed 1 & 2, and that you REALLY want to win the Red Heart Yarn, Design Wars II Challenge, $150 prize pack!

Every person who successfully completes the above 3 items will be considered as a valid participant in the drawing for this prize pack. 1 winner will be randomly selected from the comments on this blog post on 25 February, 2013, MST. If the participant selected has not complied with all 3 above items, another participant will be considered (and so on, and so forth) until a valid winner is chosen!  There is 1 prize pack, and 1 winner will be chosen to receive it. Winner will be named via an update to this blog post. Once named, they will have 36 hours to claim their prize. Red Heart Yarns will render prize to named winner. Anonymous entries / comments on this blog will not be considered as valid entries.

That’s it! So, who will join me to kick off DWII  with a brand new Team Badge?

CrazySocks Designs * Design by Katie Hanken * Frayed Knot * Salena Baca Crochet * Mamachee * Holland Designs * Unravel Me * One & Two Company * Red Heart Yarns

Note: To save you must 1) Right Click on a Team Badge, 2) Save Image As

Team CrazySocks
Team DesignByKatieTeam Salena BacaTeam Frayed KnotTeam MamaCheeTeam Holland DesignsTeam Unravel MeTeam One&TwoTeam Red Heart Yarns

Update: 23 January, 2013: Want to support Design Wars II and enter for your chance at the prize pack, but not sure which team badge to sport? Worry no more, there is now a Team Red Heart badge! Download and enjoy! 

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