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Design Wars 3 Pattern Giveaway | Winners Announced!

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Design Wars 3 Pattern Giveaway | Winners Announced!

Design Wars 3 is coming to a close, and the winner will be announced shortly in issue #5 of our Newsletter! You can sign up to receive our newsletter issues as they are released, or you can check our blog schedule for release dates to read them at your leisure! If you are interested in seeing all the crochet patterns derived from our Design Wars Challenges, you can find them all right here.

I ran a giveaway during our voting period to help spark interest in our forum, get fans to vote, and help circulate the release of my Midsummer Wrap!  The giveaway ended yesterday and these 10 winners are all eligible to receive 1 free copy of my Design Wars 3 Pattern | the Midsummer Wrap:

Winners now have 24 hours from now (2 June, 2013, 9:00 AM, MST) to contact me to claim their prize, or this offer is totally void. If you are named above, please e-mail me:

Rhondda Winn-Mol – Claimed!

Beth Masog – Claimed!

Darlene MacDonald – Claimed!

Heather Evans – Claimed!

New winners were drawn! on 6/3/2013 @ 9:00 AM MST  – you have 24 hours to contact me and claim your prize:
1. Michelle Mitchell

2.  Lisa Dean – Claimed!

3.  Katy Bouthillette

4.  Angelynn Harrison-Satterwhite

5.  Kelly Gladstone – Claimed!

6.  Jackie Ramsdell – Claimed!

My Midsummer Wrap pattern is available in my Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy stores. Enjoy!
Photos courtesy of my dear friend Kimberly Dierkhising Photography.

Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap Crochet Pattern Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap 2 Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap 3 Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap 4 Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap 5 Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap 6 Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap 7


Midsummer Wrap | Design Wars 3 Giveaway!

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Midsummer Wrap | Design Wars 3 Giveaway!

I’ve long neglected this blog since Design Wars received a new home, but now I’m ready to share the release of my pattern for the competition – the Midsummer Wrap! You can read the full release of this pattern in Issue #4 of the Design Wars Newsletter, along with 7 other wonderfully diverse designs that were debuted in this competition. My pattern will not be published until after the conclusion of Design Wars 3, so we still have about 2 weeks to put some hype behind my design, and you can help in a few ways:

1) Enter to win a FREE copy of my Midsummer Wrap when it’s ready!

2) Vote for your favorite Design Wars 3 Pattern – and be sure to read how you can enter for a chance to win our Red Heart Yarn Prize Pack when you do!

Design Wars is a fun and energetic community, and I hope you check it out for some inspiration and a few great crochet patterns! Oh, and enjoy my Midsummer Wrap too please…

Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap | Design Wars 3 Crochet Pattern

Photo courtesy of my very good friend, whom I cherish and admire: Kimberly Dierkhising Photography

Design Wars II Winner!

Design Wars II Winner!

Congratulations Frayed Knot! Your design received the most votes, and you are hereby crowned the challenge winner of Design Wars II. Enjoy the fame, glory, and new title, CHAMPION, it is well deserved!

Much applause goes to all of our Design Wars II challengers, because every design here is already a success!

Thanks to everyone who followed and participated in our DWII challenge, and for the nearly 3,000 of you who voted for your favorite garment! You have helped to make this a fun an exciting event, and we appreciate your support!

Finally,  from the bottom of my heart, thanks to Red Heart Yarns for their continued interest and support in this endeavor, for sponsoring DWII with yarn for our contestants, and for providing a prize pack that is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

Please continue to follow our amazing Design Wars challengers, because they are a wonderfully creative, genuine, and superb group who have an honest love for their work, fans, and of crochet.

DW II Winner AD

Poll Results 2 2.25.2013

Design Wars II – REVEAL & VOTE!

Design Wars II – REVEAL & VOTE!

Here they are; the long awaited, anticipated garments from our Design Wars II Challengers! Please review each of the submissions, then vote to let us know who you think should be crowned the Design Wars II Challenge Winner!

Voting is open until February 24th (MST), and the Design Wars II Challenger with the most votes will be named on February 25th! You can cast your vote once every 12 hours, so set your watch and get your vote on!

Entries will also be taken for our Red Heart Yarns $150 Prize Pack until February 24th, so don’t miss out on that opportunity!

Thanks to everyone for the love, support, and dedication! We hope you have enjoyed following our progress!

Baca Creations Reveal CrazySocks Reveal design by katie hanken Reveal Frayed Knot Reveal Holland Designs Reveal Mamachee Reveal One & Two Reveal
Unravel Me Reveal

CSD03 design by katie hanken (1) Frock 8 Jonna 1 Lisa (2) oneandtwocompany_dw2_final_01mamachee reveal photoUnravel Me (3)

Design Wars II: Sneak Peek Week (Hint #2!!!)

Design Wars II: Sneak Peek Week (Hint #2!!!)

The wait is nearly over – in just under a weeks time we will be revealing our Design Wars II garments for your vote! That’s right, mark your calendars and stalk your favorite designer for updates because February 21, 2013 will be our final reveal for this round, and your vote will determine who used the yarn best!

These hints today are meant to confuse you –  we don’t really WANT to reveal what we’ve been up to, however, we do want you to have a vague idea so you can play along in our fan page challenge. After this blog post is released, our DWII challengers will be sharing and pinning it to the tops of their respective fan pages, and they want YOU to place your guess there. So, if you think you know what your favorite designer has made for DWII, click on over to their fan page to let them know! Every fan who participates in the designated area will be eligible for a chance to win a special prize from that designer (prize details will be available directly from your favorite designer…).

Finally, this is the last week you will be able to participate for your chance to win our Red Heart Yarns $150 prize pack! Be sure to enter before the deadline – it’s a prize you won’t want to pass up!

2 Jonna2 Theresa

2 Tara
2 Lisa 2 Katie 2 Danyel2 Carolina

2 Baca

DWII: Sneak Peek Week!!!

DWII: Sneak Peek Week!!!

Hey, HEY! I’ts Sneak Peek Week!

I have to say that I could not be happier with the way DWII has been going, and it’s all thanks to these amazingly talented, friendly, and supportive ladies who I have had the absolute pleasure of working with! Behind the scenes, us DWII participants have been encouraging and pep-talking each other for months. Honestly! While this is a “war” by name, it’s a friendship and network that I have come to treasure. Thanks for the smooth ride ladies!

Of course, this would be nowhere and nothing without our fans, and so, from the bottom of my yarn basket, I thank you all for your continued interest and support in our work and progress! Every single like, share, comment, and pin matters to us, and it’s the fuel that keeps a smile on our faces, and a skip in our step. Thank you – really, and truly!

And, last but never least, a huge shout out to our wonderful supporters at Red Heart Yarns! Thank you for taking Design Wars under your sponsorship wings, and for offering up an amazing prize pack to help get some drive behind our event – it’s a dream come true, and I hope this is the beginning of a long and lasting relationship!

Well folks, here it is – Sneak Peek Week!  Enjoy the teaser tags, obscure photos, and pages directly from our personal diaries that dove directly into our psyche! If you’ve got a good guess and would like to decipher a design, be sure to share, comment, and pin to your hearts delight – enjoy!
SPW Carolina SPW Danyel SPW Jonna SPW Katie SPW Lisa SPW Salena SPW Tara SPW Theresa

Designer Spotlight: Baca Creations

Designer Spotlight: Baca Creations

SalenaThat’s right folks, this is Salena Baca (owner / designer of Baca Creations), and I’m preparing my own Design Wars Spotlight! That means I’ll be telling you how wonderful I am, while omitting all of my bad traits! Really…

Since grade school, crochet has been a hobby of mine and has provided a certain solace that gave me an identity; who the heck would I be, if I wasn’t always the chick who crocheted? It’s been a constant in my life, and a very good friend to me. I wish to always, always crochet. Always.

If you are already a fan of my work, you may know that I began Baca Creations as a made-to-order crochet business back in mid 2009. A few of my most successful designs were the Sleepy Eye Owl Hat, Favorite Newsboy, Stars N Stripes Newborn Set, and I think I’ve made about 75 Blue Bird Hats in my career. From hats to leg warmers, diaper covers to blankets, I’ve probably made over 1,000 crochet goods since Baca Creations began. In fact, before I slowed down the production side of my business to promote my patterns, I had a constant 6 to 8 week wait period for any type of order (and that was making 1 to 2 items per day, 7 days per week. Honestly).

The pattern side of crochet has really fulfilled me creatively; I’ve always designed my own garments, but actually publishing them and seeing what others do with my designs – it’s a thrill! At any given time, I have about 10 decent pattern ideas in my design book, and I randomly complete them when I get the inspiration to do so. 

I’m quite proud to be working with some of the best crochet talent for this round of Design Wars, and am absolutely thrilled that I was able to convince Red Heart Yarns to promote, sponsor, and donate to support our endeavor. Here’s my bit, enjoy!

Define success; What do you hope to accomplish? 

In all of my studying and doing, I feel I have a lot to offer to the crochet community. I feel that my methods of working and designing are unique, and I have developed a knack for teaching them that has proven to be very effective. Therefore, I define my success by how well I teach others, and their ability to master crochet. I feel a sense of accomplishment when following my students and seeing their work, which, with practice, becomes just as good as mine.  

If you could meet anyone in the crochet world, who would it be? Why?

Before I left England this past summer I visited an exhibit in London made for the Olympic games. It was a trio of gigantic crochet lions called The Lionheart Project, and it was made entirely of free form single crochet. I was so enchanted with the exhibit that I asked my favorite editor at Stitch Craft Create magazine if I could compile a special interest piece about it. She agreed! I went about my research in a variety of forms, and contacted the designer (Shauna Richardson) to congratulate her, and ask her a few questions for my article. To my utter delight, she responded with what became to be a quite friendly and mutually appreciative relationship. If I were still in England today, I would have sought her out. We would meet for tea, get matching tattoos, and talk about yarn. One day, I do hope to meet her in person! 

What is your most recent accomplishment?

Push ups! I’m up to 10 “for real” ones every day! It’s crochet related, because now I can work twice as fierce as I did with girly-push ups 🙂

Other than your own designs, do you have a favorite pattern?

My favorite pattern is one I have yet to make. I hope that counts! The Sidewalk Shawl has been on my list of garments to create for myself for years now, and I hope to make time for it before the fall of 2013. It’s the most gorgeous shawl, and was designed specifically for my favorite line of yarn (Stitch Nation)!

Which of your designs do you feel best represents you as an artist?

My Snail Shell Cover! While I always strive to be different and original in my design work, this is the one garment that I constructed without having a model concept. There are millions of slouchy hats, fingerless gloves, diaper covers and cowls, but at the time of it’s conception the Snail Shell Cover was born in my brain. While I don’t consider myself a designer specifically for newborn props, I feel this best represents me as an artist because it’s my very own organic concept. 

Salena Baca SpotlightIf you are a brand new fan of my work you can check out some of my designs (including free patterns!) on ravelry and craftsy. Follow me on facebook to see what kind of trouble I’m in, or special order garments directly from my shop!

If you are a fan and would like to root for Baca Creations in DWII, get yourTeam Badge and be sure to enter for your chance at our Red Heart Yarns prize pack (valued at $150)!

Got your own questions for me? Post them in a comment below and I just may answer you!

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