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Salena Baca

Salena Baca

Salena BacaBorn and raised hippie in Hawaii, I was blessed to have a barefoot childhood rich in creative arts where I learned to crochet even before grade school. I married my husband nearly 10 years ago, and we have had a wonderful time raising two fantastic children (Halle, Aiden), two cats (Tido, Foxy Brown), and one dog (Kuma).

We’re an Air Force family, and have lived in Georgia, Okinawa, England, and just relocated to New Mexico in 2012! I’ve been an avid crochet artist my entire life, designed over 50 successful patterns, and have a lesson plan that has produced advanced and intermediate level crochet artists for over 5 years. I enjoy sunshine, karaoke, Chinese food, cotton yarn, and a good book to read.

My goals? I strive to be an innovative, original figure in the crochet world (or, at the very least, play with great yarn and make cool stuff). I’m global, so look me up on any of these forums:



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  2. Hi Salena. I love your Knot Hard to Do! Baby Booties and would like to crochet and sell them at a small Antique and Artisan Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thank you for your consideration. I love your blog and your creativity! Debbie V

  3. Hello Selena, I feel the need to tell you how somehow amidst the sea of patterns out there I unknowingly always seem to click on yours. I love your work! I noticed this yesterday while looking for an inspiration for my daughters teachers baby shower. I clicked on this adorable apple hat and who should I find out made it? Of course, Baca Creations! Thank you!


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