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Midsummer Wrap | Design Wars 3 Giveaway!

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Midsummer Wrap | Design Wars 3 Giveaway!

I’ve long neglected this blog since Design Wars received a new home, but now I’m ready to share the release of my pattern for the competition – the Midsummer Wrap! You can read the full release of this pattern in Issue #4 of the Design Wars Newsletter, along with 7 other wonderfully diverse designs that were debuted in this competition. My pattern will not be published until after the conclusion of Design Wars 3, so we still have about 2 weeks to put some hype behind my design, and you can help in a few ways:

1) Enter to win a FREE copy of my Midsummer Wrap when it’s ready!

2) Vote for your favorite Design Wars 3 Pattern – and be sure to read how you can enter for a chance to win our Red Heart Yarn Prize Pack when you do!

Design Wars is a fun and energetic community, and I hope you check it out for some inspiration and a few great crochet patterns! Oh, and enjoy my Midsummer Wrap too please…

Baca Creations - Midsummer Wrap | Design Wars 3 Crochet Pattern

Photo courtesy of my very good friend, whom I cherish and admire: Kimberly Dierkhising Photography


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